Episode 10

Published on:

26th Aug 2021

Kickass Conferences turns 5!

It's our birthday! In today's episode we dive into the history of KC, how it was born, how we got here and where we're going

Timestamps to relevant points within the episode:

00:00 Intro

01:46 Isaac experiences 2 very impactful events

07:29 From freelance to a "real business"

12:33 Nessa and Isaac share their favorite memories so far

20:49 TL;DL episode recap

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Next Episode: Why do so many conferences still only have white male speakers on their line ups? Nessa and Isaac address the controversy and discuss how creating an inclusive lineup isn't just simple, but non-negotiable.

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Isaac Watson

Isaac Watson is the founder and Executive Producer at Kickass Conferences, an event strategy and production studio based in the Pacific Northwest. Isaac helps community leaders develop and deliver transformative events for their audiences and inspire them to build a better world.

A maker and introvert at heart, when he’s not working his magic behind the scenes in event strategy and production, he’s usually at home in Vancouver, Washington working on remodeling projects, gardening, cooking, learning to sew, and building LEGO.