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10th Oct 2022

How much does it cost to host a conference?

How much does it cost to host a conference?

How much does it really cost to host a conference? Isaac and Nessa explore what people are actually asking and how trying to host “a conference” instead of  your conference is holding you back! Learn more about us at geteventlab.com


00:00 Intro: Welcome to season 2!

01:52 How much does it cost to put on a conference? 

02:25 What people are actually asking?

03:34 What’s the actual problem?

12:23 How do we solve it?

Key takeaways

  • When people ask about conference costs, they usually are most concerned about logistics. BUT the logistics of a conference, like AV and catering, are in fact, the easiest to deal with!
  • There’s a big difference between “a conference” and your conference! You don’t need the budget of a multi billion dollar company if you set a clear event strategy and goals in place. 
  • When you define the conference that works for your business and your goals, the conference budget molds itself to your business, not the other way around.
  • Don’t forget to look around yourself: What’s the makeup of your business and what are the resources you have at your disposal right now?

Grab a copy of the tool we use with our clients to help them answer all these questions and more: Go to geteventlab.com and get it for free.

Next episode: How do I get a big name speaker at my conference?

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Isaac Watson is the founder and Executive Producer at Kickass Conferences, an event strategy and production studio based in the Pacific Northwest. Isaac helps community leaders develop and deliver transformative events for their audiences and inspire them to build a better world.

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Nessa Jimenez is the Operations Manager at Kickass Conferences, an event strategy and production studio based in the Pacific Northwest. She coordinates the day to day work with our clients and vendors, keeps all of our projects rolling on time and now edits and produces the podcast.

Nessa lives in and works from Puerto Rico. When she's not working, you can find her reading a book or trying to figure out how to keep her plants alive.