Episode 2

Published on:

6th May 2021

Telling your audience a compelling story

In this episode, we delve into the crucial aspects of constructing a narrative for a conference, focusing on the attendee journey from awareness to ticket purchase and beyond. We discuss the importance of understanding the audience's motivations and goals to create an event that meets their needs, resulting in better content, presenter selections, and overall event experiences.

We also explore the pivotal role of marketing and attendee communications in event planning, emphasizing the need to understand who the attendees are and why they're attending the event. By focusing on the attendee journey, we can create a more engaging and valuable experience through targeted marketing strategies and effective communications.

Finally, we examine the significance of delivering on promises made throughout the attendee journey, ensuring a positive conference experience.

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(0:00:10) - Constructing the Narrative of a Conference

(0:13:34) - Attendee Journey in Event Marketing

(0:23:29) - Creating an Engaging Attendee Experience


  • An attendee or a conference narrative is about the journey that an attendee goes on from the very beginning of them encountering what your event is, all the way through to hopefully attending it. That is this whole kind of story arc that we have influence over as event designers and producers that can help bolster that experience all along the way. So when we're talking about the narrative, we're talking really about thinking through those different touch points that a potential attendee originally at the outset is gonna have, as well as every every point along the way to interacting with your event.
  • It takes a lot more to get people to a point where they feel confident making a purchasing decision, especially where travel is involved. If you can think through all of those pain points along the way and craft your marketing in a way that speaks to those things, that's going to bolster their confidence in what you're producing and get them closer to not just that ticket purchasing decision, but closer to having a good experience at the event. 
  • You're job isn't done after you sold a ticket! It is your responsibility as event host to prep the attendees for the event, and that's where attendee communications comes along. How often are you checking in with attendees and prepping them for a good event?

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